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"Fitness Is Not About Being Better Than Someone Else, It's About Being The Best Version Of Yourself"

Whether you're embarking on a brand new exercise regime or just want to switch up your current habits, you’ll need a Personal Trainer that is highly qualified with a friendly, yet motivational attitude.
Look no further than METCON Personal Training & Nutrition – you’ve found one.

Hi, my name is Zach and I am a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach operating out of North Devon. 

I’ve gained my knowledge and experience over the years by working for some of the biggest brands and mentors in the fitness industry to date. 

All of this has allowed me to help my clients achieve their goals with remarkable results. But don’t just take my word for it of course - My Client Testimonials and uniquely individualised training and nutrition programmes help ensure that.

So if you're looking to improve your lifestyle in a major way, build your confidence or imporve your performance in a certain sport, make sure to get in touch and get your free consultation and first session booked in.

Experienced Trainer

I have many years of experience in the fitness industry and Personal Training in itself. I have worked with a wide range of athletes, helping them work towards their own aspired targets - great or small.

If you are currently looking for somone who will keep you accountable, has your best interests at heart and is guarenteed to keep you smiling throughout your training, then you can rest easy knowing that I have the diverse knowlege and skills to mix up your training and help you achieve your aspired goals.

Whether you are training for an athletic milestone or just wanting to get in shape for a special occasion, I'm here to help.

PT Services

I recognise that every individuals training and nutrition needs are completely different and specific to themselves and the lifestyle they lead.

That’s why I offer dedicated one-on-one training sessions, small group coaching sessions and individualised programming to help each individual push through their comfort zone and take massive action towards reaching their goals.

Coaching sessions can take place in two amazing fitness facilities located in North Devon: 

  • G4 in Bideford

  • PureGym in Barnstaple 

I also offer online coaching and individualised programming through an app called True Coach too.

Any good coach knows that the work you put in at the gym is only half the battle however... 

Whether you're looking to get personal coaching or train online, each individual's training programme will be coupled with a specialised nutrition strategy to help maximise their results, promote a healthy lifestyle and form healthy and sustainable habits.


“Zach made unique workouts each session that were challenging but super fun. From training with Zach I was able to complete a 10 mile race, something I would not have been able to do without his …
Katie Hayden
“Zach does what other trainers haven't for me - get me to actually come back for more! His positivity and mentality is what's needed after a day in the office and the variety and intensity of the …
Dave Gilbert

"Soon after we started, Zach’s help became paramount to my success.
Zach had devised an exercise plan, tips on healthy foods and even went through the food I already ate to aid me in making my diet …

Owsama Hajjar


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