12 Week Strength & Muscle Building Programme

12 Week Strength & Muscle Building Programme


If you are looking to build lean, fuctional muscle but actually make significant strength gains at the same time, then this is the programme for you.

This programme is a manifesto of evidenced-based methods and principles that my clients and myself have seen huge success with. 

The programme is available through TrueCoach, an online coaching app which has video tutorials for all the exercises used in the programme, with step by step guidelines.

Whether you are new to training or an advanced athlete looking to spice things up and make new adaptations, then you will find huge benefits thanks to the progressivly challenging phases structured throughout the 12 weeks.

This programme is also ideal for athletes that are looking for a structured and balanced General Preparatory Phase (GPP). Espcially if they happen to compete in a team/individual sport that requires strength and muscle gains.  

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